Capacity Services


Finding and retaining resources with the right skills and experience for your organisation can be challenging, especially when you need to swiftly scale teams up and down to match business demands.

LSI's affiliate network consists of highly qualified and experienced professional consultants and operational resources with capabilities reaching across a wide variety of industries. It offers a unique and dynamic solution to the resource challenges of our clients and the need for experienced consulting and operational resources that can immediately make a contribution to their business.

Our resources:

  • Are solution orientated with proven track records in various industries;
  • Deliver consistently and efficiently;
  • Provide tested and proven team dynamics that reduce the storming, forming and norming periods that are present in all projects;
  • Are able to collectively cover a vast range of methodologies, technologies and sought after skills;
  • Are able to quickly commence work on a project with minimum formalities; and
  • Are able to transfer knowledge, skills and experience to your team.

A dedicated marketing team focuses on securing assignments for our affiliates, enabling them to focus on the deliverables and desired outcomes of their current projects. This, as well as lucrative incentive programmes, significantly increases LSI's retention of quality resources.

Continuous performance evaluations by clients, project team members and the LSI Performance Management Committee ensure that the required standards and quality of our consultants and operational resources is maintained. The results of these performance evaluations directly impact our consultants' future utilisation on projects, motivating them to deliver and perform consistently and effectively.

Our knowledge management initiatives and training interventions enable our consultants and contractors to keep up to date with best practise methodologies, developments, technologies and solutions. Our close working relationship with the IMC (Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa) also contributes significantly to the quality of our consultants.

Resource Selection:

LSI's strict selection criteria and processes offer our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that our consultants and operational resources are highly experienced and hand-picked for each specific project.

Our affiliates are selected for their valuable self-management capabilities, entrepreneurial mind-sets, specialised skill-sets and industry specific experience. These attributes are critical for the successful completion of challenging projects and assignments.

  • Letters of recommendation from previous assignments, thorough verification of qualifications, experience and references as well as a series of individual interviews ensure that only quality talent is accepted. The stringent selection process significantly reduces the business risk to our clients.
  • Criminal record verification is done on all candidates prior to acceptance into the affiliate network. ITC record verification is done for individuals suitable for roles in the financial industry. Psychometric evaluation is required from senior affiliate members suitable for leadership and high impact roles.

Resource Mobilisation:

We are successful at delivering fast-track consulting and operational resourcing services to our clients due to the quality, diversity and experience of our affiliate network in virtually every functional and professional business discipline.

Resources can be deployed within a two week period on 80% of assignments. Our resources will seamlessly integrate with your business processes. Little or no learning curves are required due to their strong industry experience, existing tested and proven team dynamic, academic backgrounds and dedication to constantly updating their business and technical knowledge.

A unique blend of technology and hands-on project management is deployed to deliver the best resource for each project or assignment and to manage on-going performance and communication.

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss your consulting capacity requirements with you.
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