Affiliate Network

Affiliate Membership: Overview

The impact of the continuously changing global and local economy, as well as restricting labour legislation, has created a unique demand for flexible resource utilisation in the South African business environment.

The availability of professional, qualified and skilled resources at short notice for fixed long-term and short-term contracts is an even bigger challenge in the local consulting environment with its fluctuating resource demands.

Equally, professional independent consultants and contractors often find it challenging to remain fully utilised throughout the year without the backing and support of a larger organisation.

The LSI Affiliate Network consists of a group of qualified and experienced independent professional consultants and contractors and offers a unique solution to the resource challenges of our clients. Stringent and thorough selection criteria are applied to invite quality resources with proven track records in their respective business disciplines, to join the Affiliate Network.

Being part of the LSI Affiliate Network comes with three distinct benefits:

  • You have the benefit of the collective marketing efforts of the Affiliate Network, as well as the efforts of the LSI's dedicated marketing team. As a result, you are likely to experience improved utilisation, depending on market demand, without having to sacrifice your independence and entrepreneurial flair.
  • Secondly, LSI's financial model not only increases your utilisation opportunities, but also offers significant financial rewards for the referral of opportunities to the Network.
  • Lastly, through our relationship with Highveld PFS, we give you access to group benefits that you would normally only enjoy as employees of a larger organisation, such as Medical Aid, Retirement funds, Income Protection Plans, Financial planning and Taxation advice.

The availability of the LSI Affiliate Network is managed through our customised web-based management software. Affiliates have real-time access to the web-based platform to update their CV's, skills, qualifications, references and availability.

Should you wish to join the LSI Affiliate Network, you will need to complete the following actions:

  • Contact us or send us your CV at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Complete your profile as comprehensively as possible, even if the information is already contained in your CV.
  • Upload your updated CV, a copy of your ID, copies of your qualifications and two letters of reference that you have available.
  • Your CV needs to include a detailed reference list for all projects or assignments for the past three year period.

The steps there-after:

  • We will review your references, qualifications and experience to establish whether it is aligned with the typical resource requirements from our clients.
  • We will contact some or all of the references provided by you.
  • We will request you to undergo a criminal clearance verification check.
  • We will inform you in writing of the outcome of your application and will add you to our distribution lists.
  • You will be requested to complete our standard resume template for each of your areas of expertise.

Placement on an assignment:

  • We will conduct a series of telephonic and individual interviews with you prior to placement on a client assignment.
  • An ITC check may be required by the client.
  • A psychometric evaluation may be required by the client.
  • We will require you to sign the required agreements with LSI and Highveld PFS for purposes of the assignment.
  • You may request permission to invoice LSI directly through a registered business provided that:
    • The business is registered for VAT;
    • The business has a minimum BBBEE level 4 rating; and
    • The business is not regarded as a personal services company according to SARS regulations.
    • You will receive monthly payment upon receipt of a timesheet approved by the client, regardless of the client's payment cycles. LSI and Highveld PFS are responsible for client invoicing.

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